Actuarial Consulting Firm
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  • Benefit Plan Design and Strategies
  • Funding and Contribution Strategies
  • Retiree Medical Strategies and Valuations
  • Medicare RDS Attestation of Actuarial Equivalence
  • Creditable Coverage Evaluation
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Health Plan/Insurer/TPA Rate Negotiation & Strategy
  • Self-Insurance Strategy

Health Plans/Health Insurers
  • Product/Market Strategy
  • Benefit Design/Network Development
  • Provider Reimbursement Strategy
  • Capital Management Strategy
  • Product Pricing and Valuations
  • Regulatory Filings

Health Care Providers
  • Health Plan Contract Negotiation & Strategy
  • Provider Reimbursement Strategy
  • Reinsurance Strategy
Each strategy is formed based on a clear understanding of the risks assumed by a client.  These risks result from:
Each of these components is evaluated for its impact on the financial viability of the health care program.
  • Benefit structure
  • Characteristics of the insured population
  • Structure of the delivery system
  • Catastrophic cases